A Conceptual Gallery Portfolio to Smooch the Mind and Tingle the Senses

by K. Krantz '22

art by C. Gewirtz '21

Nature’s Bounty

A large nipple made of almonds is pasted onto the wall. Each hour on the hour, almond milk drips from the nipple. Guests are invited to lick at nature’s teat and learn to better appreciate nature’s secretions.

Banana Hammock

A large photo of a hairy male torso is projected onto a wall with a hammock placed over his crotch. Guests are invited to swing in the hammock, acting as his phallus. The piece represents that, on any given day, we can all act as dicks.

Culture Vulture

A taxidermy vulture wearing a beret, with a cigarette hanging from its beak and a disapproving frown. Pulp Fiction plays on a loop in the background.

Houdini’s Delight

A man struggles to remove Spanx. He must hold his phone and wallet, as the garment has no pockets. Next to him, a woman easily takes off trousers and a button down. The real magic trick will be making both of their white privilege disappear.

Circle of Life

A brown arrow traces from a newborn diaper to an adult diaper to represent the cyclical nature of the human experience. There are business cards for a nursing home scattered across the floor.


Just a fork resting on the floor. Is it art or trash? The director doesn’t seem to know.

Ozone Layer

An army of children spray hairspray into a small room as you walk in. See how it feels when you choke? Do you cry for mother Earth? Cough, cough, sheeple.