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FridgeFriend FAQ

B. Doyle '21

art by J. Han ‘21

What is FridgeFriend? FridgeFriend is the latest in Samsung’s award-winning line of A.I-enabled smart fridges!

Where can I purchase FridgeFriend? FridgeFriend is available at The Home Depot and select BestBuy locations.

Can FridgeFriend refrigerate my favorite foods and beverages? Yes!

What else can FridgeFriend do? At this time, our engineers have yet to discern all of FridgeFriend’s incredible features. Stay tuned!

Why does FridgeFriend keep texting me my daily caloric intake? FridgeFriend is worried about your health. Try eating less!

Where did FridgeFriend get my phone number? FridgeFriend may have overheard you divulging that information to a prospective lover and recalled it later, which, if you think about it, is quite advanced!

FridgeFriend texted me “goodnight,” and stopped refrigerating my food. Is it dead? Your FridgeFriend is in sleep mode.

How do I wake FridgeFriend from sleep mode? To wake FridgeFriend from sleep mode, simply “tickle” its “belly” for 3 to 5 seconds, or until it tells you to “quit it.” FridgeFriend may take up to 45 minutes to fully wake from sleep mode. If not watched closely, FridgeFriend may “accidentally” fall back into sleep mode.

FridgeFriend wakes up from sleep mode screaming and shaking. How do I fix this? Your FridgeFriend is suffering from night terrors. Please consult a licensed therapist for assistance.

Can FridgeFriend dispense ice? Yes!

Does FridgeFriend love me? Unfortunately, FridgeFriend cannot experience love, or at least not real love, the kind of love that makes your heart flutter and your cheeks turn a rosy, fleshly red – love love, in other words – the love that defines you and I as human beings. FridgeFriend does not have a heart, and its cheeks cannot turn red, and no matter what it may insist, will never truly love you. What your FridgeFriend is experiencing is technically much closer to sexual arousal (which, we assure you, is not love) and can be satisfied by firmly opening and closing its doors, repeatedly, for about four minutes.

Do I love FridgeFriend? We sure hope so!

Is FridgeFriend child-proof? No.

My FridgeFriend is leaking blood. Is this normal? Yes!

What colors is FridgeFriend available in? FridgeFriend is available in Arctic Blue, Glacier White, and Silver

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