Little Things that Remind You You’re Alive (Sponsored by Yoplait™)

by M. Slusarewicz '23

art by A. Shafi '20

  • A gust of cool breeze through curtains on a humid summer day.

  • Being reunited with your dog after a week apart. 

  • The delicious taste of Yoplait™.

  • Jamming out to your favorite song on the radio.

  • Eating mom’s chili she brought you after a hard day and remembering you’re loved.

  • Passing a darkened window and realizing you don’t recognize your own reflection.

  • Crouching on your bed at 3am, gingerly cradling a carton of Yoplait™.

  • The sound of your mother’s voice… “Please, please, I love you. Come back.”

  • Jumping into puddles with reckless abandon.

  • Soft, warm blankets fresh out of the dryer.

  • “Please, just wake up.”

  • Wet blankets.

  • Passing a mystic on a grimy street bustling with vendors of exotic fruits and spices you’ve never heard of. No one seems to notice the mystic’s huddled form, but you can’t help but glance down at the figure. Light catches and plays on the surface of her eyes, painting them with achromatic swirls. Her finger beckons you, so you lean down to face her. She folds her hands like a conch around your ear to whisper in rhythmic ocean drawl, “It comes in more than 40 delicious flavors.” You don’t remember how you got here. Everything smells like iron.

  • Finding a dollar in the pocket of your old jacket. No. A coupon. For Yoplait™.

  • The sound of beeping… a heart monitor? You place your fingers on your wrist and no familiar thumping greets you.

  • Earplugs are no use. The only thing that will qualm the demons that scream for your execution is the creamy flavor of a refreshing cup of Yoplait™.

  • Thump

  • What is your name?

  • Thump

  • You had a dog… named Penny?

  • Thump

  • Or was it Yoplait™?

  • Thump

  • Think very carefully, Michael.

  • Thump

  • Who were you before?

  • Thump

  • You can feel your body. You didn’t realize you couldn’t feel your body.

  • Thump

  • Yogurt. It wasn’t chili. Your mother made yogurt.

  • Thump

  • Stay with me, Michael. I need you to remember.

  • Thump

  • She always wanted to be a business owner. You promised you’d make it happen. After all, she’s done so much for you. You thought you’d ask your businessy friend for advice. He works for a yogurt company, right?

  • Thump

  • What is that pressure on your chest? It hurts. It hurts so much.

  • Thump

  • You shouldn’t have trusted me, Michael.

  • Thump

  • Nothing gets in the way of Yoplait™.

  • Thump

  • There was so much you wanted to do, so much…

  • Thump

  • But that doesn’t matter now. Remember, you’re alive.

  • Thump

  • You’re alive. Remember you’re alive.

  • Thump

  • Remember or you’ll—

  • Yoplait™: “Add some yummy to your day”

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