Pinterest: Literally Just a List of Pins

J. Marglous '21

Push pins: For when you want to put something on a bulletin board.

Pull pins: For when you want to take something off a bulletin board.

Safety pins: They wear seat belts and don’t drink caffeine.

Danger pins: Crazy, but fun.

Bobby pins: great for hair, or yarmulkes!

Robert pins: They grow up so fast...

Jack pins: Brother of Robert; also assassinated.

Kingpins: Often brought down by informant pins.

Queenpins: Yaaaaasssssssssssss!

Princepins: Next in line for the throne.

Lynchpins: Pins, used extrajudicially.

Ida B. Wells pins: Responsible for stop- ping lynchpins.

American flag pins: Don’t pull them off your congressman’s lapel, or the air will come out!

Hairpins: Scary when your dad is driving.

Pubic hairpins: You can wax them, but they’ll come back.

Candlepins: Neither candles nor pins.

Pinups: Pictures of sexy people!

Pindowns: Pictures of your grandma.

Pins, with needles: Caused by lack of blood flow, like when you read on the toilet with your elbows on your knees for too long. Yes, I can see you!

Pins, metaphorically stuck in it: Fine, just one more?

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