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Romantic Encounters: It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts

J. Marglous '21

art by A. Semizhonova ’21

Jennifer and Florin’s Romantic Encounters applications suggested a potential for fairy-tale romance, so we sent them to La Famiglia in hopes that they would hit it off over some of the best pasta in town. Jennifer reports that she got to the restaurant first, a few minutes early for the 8:00 reservation, and waited at the bar. Florin arrived a few minutes late, which Jennifer and Florin both consider to be “usually the last nail in the coffin,”, but his flowing black cloak saved the day. “I’m very punctual and I want somebody who feels the same way, but when I saw him swoosh into the restaurant there was an undeniable physical attraction. Besides, he was very apologetic and explained that he wasn’t able to leave his house until sundown,” Jennifer said.

After exchanging pleasantries at the bar, the couple sat down to order. The conversation proceeded swimmingly, besides the usual early hiccups: “He freaked out when I asked the waiter for a steak,” Jennifer explained, “and wouldn’t calm down until I changed my order to chicken.” Said Florin of the minor misunderstanding, “I was afraid she had already found the way to my heart.” Jennifer also became frustrated with Florin’s dietary restrictions: “It was fine that he refused to eat the garlic bread, but he could have just said he was allergic instead of hissing and baring his canines at me.”

Nonetheless, Florin and Jennifer quickly settled into an easy conversation about work once their meals arrived. Jennifer was fascinated by Florin’s employment, particularly his handiwork with marble. “I did some sculpture in college but had to give it up to pursue a practical career — it would be so much fun to date a professional artist!” “She has my dream job,” Florin said. “Can you imagine getting to go to work at a phlebotomy clinic every day? I would be like a kid in a candy store.”

The lovebirds chatted until the restaurant closed — “the night just flew by,” Florin explained. “I lost track of time and was afraid it was getting close to dawn!” He and Jessica exchanged contact information and a warm farewell before departing. “He’s a good kisser,” Jennifer told us, “and he started moving towards my neck, but I don’t do that until the second date.”

Quantify the Guy:

Jennifer: 4.5/5 “The best date I can remember. It’s Rare to find a man who’s interested in my work.”

Florin: 4.75/5 “I haven’t been this excited about a mortal woman in a long time. I know it’s only the first date, but I can see myself spending an eternity with her.”


The couple reported that they texted the following day and made plans to meet at Florin’s remote gothic manor the following weekend.


Florin reports that the second date went splendidly and that dinner at his house was “simply delicious.” Jessica could not be reached for comment.

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