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The Brown Jug’s Official SciLi Challenges

By A. Shapiro '23

  1. Stay all night in the Sci Li

  2. Run up the stairs of the Sci Li doing a shot on every floor

  3. Run down the stairs and beat the elevator (for extra points run up)

  4. Put together all the maps in the map room to make one big globe

  5. Steal a book from every floor (including those with no books)

  6. Scream as loud as you can in the 00 section of the Sci Li

  7. Watch porn out loud (full volume) in the 00 section of the Sci Li

  8. Challenge someone to a paintball game in the Sci Li basement and win.

  9. Find your way to the roof.

  10. Find your way to the pool.

  11. Have sex on every floor of the Sci Li (must be in one night, must be with the same person)

  12. Have sex with a with a librarian on every floor of the Sci Li (may be split up over many nights, must be with 14 different librarians)

  13. Using only resources stolen from the Sci Li, construct an oven, and use it to bake a cake made from ingredients stolen from the Ratty.

  14. Successfully convince a friend that the Sci Li architecture is beautiful.

  15. In the dead of night, kidnap Fitzgerald the Axolotl and replace him with Fitzgerald the Chimpanzee.

  16. Study quietly, uninterrupted, for sixty minutes.

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